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पूर्वावलोकन-2,Indian History(अंग्रेजी संस्करण-2019)-भूल सुधार

  • Purvavalokan Indian History 2019, Read year 1927 instead of 1928 in the sixth line of explanation of the Q. No. 11 on the page No. B.507.
  • Purvavalokan Indian History 2019, Read Option (a) instead of option (b) in the third row from the bottom of Q. No. 19 on the page No. B-546.
  • Purvavalokan Indian History 2019, Read Option (c) instead of option (d) in the Q. No. 6 on the page No. B-531.
  • Purvavalokan Indian History 2019, Read Dharmasthiya instead of Dharmamahamatra in the 13th line from the bottom left on page No. B-91.
  • <>Purvavalokan Indian History 2019, Read Bodhi tree instead of Banyan tree in the 22nd line from the top of left hand side on page No. B-45.
  • Purvavalokan Indian History 2019, Read Moggaliputta-tissa instead of Moggaliputta, as well as Ashok as ruler in the Buddhist table on page No. 46.
  • Purvavalokan Indian History 2019, Read 983 AD instead of 983 BC in the fifth line from the right bottom on page No. B-65.
  • Purvavalokan Indian History 2019, Do not consider ‘If existed in approx 1002 B.C.’ in the fourth line of description of Q. No.37 on the page No -71.  
  • Purvavalokan Indian History 2019, Read Ahmad Nagar Fort instead of Ahmadabad Fort in the last line of first paragraph on the page No. B-543.
  • Purvavalokan Indian History 2019, on page No. B – 191 read land as ‘Milk’ instead on land as ‘Milq’ on the second last line of the left bottom.
  • Purvavlokan Indian Indian History-2019, Read the explanation of Q.No. 28 on the P.No. B – 433 as follows-
    Above Ghazal is written by Bismil Azimabadi in urdu language. It was made popular by freedom fighter Ram Prasad Bismil.
    ‘Read Maulana Hasarat Mohani’ instead of ‘Mohd Iqbal’ in the first line of explanation of the Q.No. 45 on the P.No. B.435.
  • Purvavlokan Indian History-2019, Read Jainism instead of Hinduism in the explanation of Q. No. 108. P.No. B-61-62.
  • Purvavlokan Indian History 2019, 563 A.D should be read as 563 B.C. in left column on page no. 45.
  • Purvalokan Indian History 2019, read answer (b) instead of answer (a) of the Q.No. 27 on the page B.354
  • Purvavlokan Indian History, 2019 read ‘1923’ instead of ‘193’ in 3rd point of List II of Q.No. 47 on the page B-24
  • Purvavlokan Indian History, 2019 on page No. 313, Q.No. 44, In third point of explanation read English-1600 A.D. (Ist. Factory was established in 1613 in Surat)  
  • Purvavlokan Indian History-on page No. B-630, Q.No. 14 Change in explnation: The correct match of list I with list-II is as follows
List-I List-II
Samachar Darpan J.C. Marshonon
Miratul Akhbar Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Kesari B.G. Tilak
Young India Mahatma Gandhi

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