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Critiqued is a research-based opinion website run entirely by students from various law schools across the country. Launched in 2020, amidst the worldwide pandemic, Critiqued was originally started with the vision to expand legal understanding of the Indian populace, enabling them to understand the social injustices prevalent yet craftily shadowed in our society. The domain of our publications includes educated opinions, book reviews and pop culture articles written by fellow law school students. Empowered with legal education, the writers at Critiqued attempt to research daily phenomena observed at a wide scale to explain such occurrences from a social, political and legal standpoint. Additionally, we offer columns written by eminent professionals and academicians in the field of law as well as podcasts where discussions with such celebrated personalities on topics of importance follow. This resonates with our overall aim to inspire and educate the masses of the status quo of the world in social, cultural and institutional paradigms, inter alia. Read More

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