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पूर्वावलोकन-3,General Geography (अंग्रेजी संस्करण) 2020- भूल सुधार

  • Purvavalokan General Geography, 2020 on the page no. CA-72 Question No. 28 Tribe Bharia and korku are incorrectly matched. Hence tribes with their subtribes are-
    Tribe – Subtribe
    Bharia – Bhumia, Bhuihar, Pando
    Korku – Movasiruma, Nahala, Vavari
    Bhil – Patilya Mahar is a formally designated schedule caste.
  • Purvalokan Indian Geography, 2020 Ignore the fourth line which starts with haematite and magne tite Bailadila mine of Q. No.8 on the page No. CA-231.
  • Purvavalokan General Geography- 2020, Read ‘kali River’ is also known as sharda River and Mahakali River in second last line of last para of description (right side) on page No. CA-95.
  • Purvalokan General Geography 2020 in the explanation of the Q. No. 6 on the Page No. CB 24 read as follows.
(Name of the planet)     (Total moon)
  • Purvalokan General Geography 2020, Read answer (c) instead of answer (d) of the Q. No. 14 on the  P. No. – CA-138 Expalanation of the above question is as follows. Reduced or zero tillage of the land, fallowing crop residue to remain in the field are among those practices that can help in water conser vation in agriculture.

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