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पूर्वावलोकन भाग-6,Environment and Ecology (अंग्रेजी संस्करण) 2020-भूल-सुधार

  • Purvavalokan Environment & Ecology 2020, on the page No. 80 ‘CoP1’ should be read as ‘the first conference of the parties held in Berlin, Germany.’
  • Purvalokan Environment & Ecology 2020 – Read ‘Ex-situ’ instead of, ‘In-situ’ in the first line of explanation of Q. No. 5 on page No. F. 55.
  • Purvalokan Environment & Ecology – 2020 8th line of explanation of Q. No. 49 one the page No. 61 should be read as “Eleven of the eighteen” in place of “Ten of eighteen”.
  • Purvalokan Environment & Ecology 2020, Read altitudes instead of ‘latituted’ in 8th & 9th line on Page No. 48, in 2nd statement of Q. No. 41 on Page No. 73 and in the 4th & 5th line on Page No. 74